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Green Erasmus

Green your Erasmus+

About Green Erasmus

The Green Erasmus Portal has been developed by Green Erasmus project to provide students with concrete information on how to be sustainable before, during and after their Erasmus experience. While some actions are generally well-known, other aspects are often overlooked and/or students do not exactly know how to make their Erasmus exchanges greener can be difficult. Use the portal to find out our tips and tricks to act sustainably, and useful resources for more information and get involved! You can also play the On my way and Small Steps games and test your sustainability knowledge through our Green Erasmus Quiz!

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Thanks for signing our petition!

We want to see significant changes in the mobility patterns of university students going on Erasmus+ exchange to reduce the environmental impact of the programme.

During the course of the Green Erasmus project (whic also developed this portal), we ran a petition calling for:

  • Increasing the current €50 to a universal top up to individual support of up to €250 for green travel, proportionate to distance covered
  • And increasing the current 4 days up to 7 days of additional individual support covering additional subsistence costs and/or accommodation needs linked to green travel - for the round trip

The petition was signed by 5257 people from over 100 countries, demonstrating the strength of support for these asks, and more broadly the desire to see a greener Erasmus+ programme.

Read more about the next steps for the petition asks in this article on the project website.

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Green Erasmus Games

Available on desktop

On my way

Choose your way in a sweet and meaningful interactive story about the journey, not the destination. Shape your experience with the help of a handy travel journal, and discover how you can help make the world a better place.

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Small Steps

Step into the role of Nova, a young student living abroad, whose phone is mysteriously connected to other dimensions! The Nova from another world is asking for help for their stay abroad. Assist them to make a difference in their world through sustainable behavior.

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Take the Green Erasmus Quiz

Do you know how climate change is connected to your Erasmus experience and how much do you know about sustainability? Test your knowledge and start reducing your impact!