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Before mobility

The round trip to/from your Erasmus destination is a fundamental part of your mobility experience. The way you do it though, makes a difference. As th
Packing a bag is part of every trip and no matter how old you are, you ask yourself the same question every time: what do I need to pack?
Choose your way in a sweet and meaningful interactive story about the journey, not the destination. Shape your experience with the help of a handy tra

During mobility

As before mobility, it is also important during mobility to inform yourself about swap markets and second-hand shops. When you arrive, you often notic
Travelling during your Erasmus exchange is among the things you will love the most. Make sure you do it in a sustainable way though! Your host city ha
When it comes to the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis we can’t ignore food. How and what we farm, fish, eat and dispose of are some of the bi
According to Eurostat, household energy usage represents about a quarter of final energy consumption in Europe. Energy usage leads to carbon emissions
The Green Erasmus Research showed that a large number of students are already engaged with the topic of sustainability. This undoubtedly includes the
Our planet is currently facing multiple environmental crises, including climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, pollution and waste, and young p
Step into the role of Nova, a young student living abroad, whose phone is mysteriously connected to other dimensions! The Nova from another world is a
In the fight against climate change, everyone plays an important role. Research has shown that students preparing to go on mobility look for other stu

After mobility

Like every good story, Erasmus comes to an end eventually. Everyone needs to go back home but only few make the journey back using a sustainable mode
At the end of your mobility, the process you did at the beginning is reversed. Furniture that you no longer need can be sold or given away to new stud
"Many small people in many small places doing many small things can change the face of this world". Maybe your efforts to live a more sustainable lif
“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing som