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"Many small people in many small places doing many small things can change the face of this world".
Maybe your efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle during your semester abroad were very exhausting and not everything always worked out. but by sharing your experiences at your home university after your return, you can help others to have it easier. Your experiences are valuable in making the world a little bit better.

Actions you can take

  1. Ask the International Office at your home university if there are exchange information weeks for students, where you report, as an ambassador, your experiences abroad to your fellow students. Maybe your host university had some impressive projects and ideas concerning sustainability you’d like to suggest to your home university.
  2. If you have to write a report on your experiences, why not write an extra chapter about sustainability during your semester abroad?
  3. Maybe your university has a Green Office. If not, you can  set up a Green Office at your university.
  4. Ask your home university if there’s a Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) you could get involved with.
  5. Help incoming students to realise a sustainable semester abroad by sharing the resources and information you gained by surfing on this portal.